Why EdgeCore

EdgeCore data centers are purpose-built to meet the exacting standards of the world’s largest organizations.

In addition to building data centers to our clients’ exacting specifications, EdgeCore intelligently designs transparent capital and commercial structures aligning the needs of each client with the contours of the global capital markets.

This approach enables a low cost of capital supporting each client objective, whether on an individual project or across a repeatable, scalable, multi-market and multi-regional delivery structure.

4 Campuses
Power- and shovel-ready
Institutional capital
Capital structure solutions

Data Center Design & Construction

Efficiently built from the ground up

EdgeCore applies repeatable, scalable, and modular construction methods to compress the construction schedule and deliver client requirements on time and on budget. Additionally, our in-house procurement team is practiced at collaborating with the procurement teams of our global clients to achieve the lowest cost of materials and equipment.
EdgeCore’s modular construction methods support rapid and predictable timelines.


Campuses across North America

EdgeCore has proactively invested in scalable campuses across the United States and has made investments in land, permitting, entitlements, and utility infrastructure to enable speed-to-market solutions in accordance with our clients’ requirements.
Proactive investment in four power- and shovel-ready campuses


Stability you can count on

The reliability of EdgeCore’s data centers is illustrated through our 100% uptime SLA as well as through the leadership of a veteran executive team with more than 55 years of successful data center development and management.
A stable foundation for dependable, long-term growth.

Hybrid IT Solutions

Connectivity and flexibility to support hybrid IT

Today’s enterprises demand high-performance and high-availability from their IT infrastructure. By providing low-latency connectivity to key networks and secure access to leading cloud providers, EdgeCore enables our customers’ hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.
Network and cloud availability to support your most demanding connectivity requirements.

Client obsession

Meeting client requirements without compromise

EdgeCore’s core business embodies the purest form of client-driven ethos – we build data centers to precisely meet our clients’ specifications. We are relentlessly driven to listen to our clients and enable alignment with their globally calibrated form factors, supply chains, and maintenance and management requirements.
We build data centers to precisely meet our clients’ specifications