Why EdgeCore?

The EdgeCore team has a proven track record of enabling innovation, reliability, speed, and scale.

$4.0B+ USD
Available for data center investment
6 Campuses
Transacted, developed, or operating globally
$6.0B+ USD
Data Center Assets developed,
acquired, or managed
140+ Years
Collective data center experience
$10.0B+ USD
Global development resumé


Power-and-Shell Ready


Institutional Capital


Capital Structure Solutions

Experienced Executive Team

Experienced executive team with 140+ years of collective experience in the data center industry has designed and delivered over $XXM square feet of data center and complex industrial, manufacturing, and technology buildings over the past 30+ years, including more than XX data center projects in North America and XX data center projects in Europe.

Data Center Design and Construction

By implementing repeatable, scalable, and modular construction methods, EdgeCore can compress construction schedules to deliver client requirements on time and on budget.  Additionally, our in-house procurement team is practiced at collaborating with the procurement teams of our global clients and supply chain vendors to achieve the lowest cost of materials and equipment.

Campuses across North America and Europe

EdgeCore’s applies financial rigor and experience in identifying and improving data center land so that it is well-positioned to meet customer requirements.

EdgeCore proactively invests in scalable campuses across North America and Europe by purchasing land, obtaining the necessary permits, entitlements, and utility infrastructure to enable speed-to-market solutions in accordance with client requirements.

In supply-constrained markets, EdgeCore proactively invests in building shell and TKD infrastructure designed to meet customer performance specifications by allowing for flexibility and customization in TKD infrastructure and space fit-out.

Focused on Meeting Requirements Without Compromise

EdgeCore’s core business embodies the purest form of client-driven ethos – we build data centers to precisely meet our client’s performance specifications.  

We relentlessly drive to enable alignment with the client’s globally calibrated form factors and maintenance and management requirements to ensure uptime, reliability, and security.  

We work tirelessly to ensure clients reduce risk, exceed their customer expectations, and operate within their data center environments with ease.

When possible, we identify problems before they arise.  Alternatively, we solve problems that do arise quickly and comprehensively.

Speed, Scale, Versatile,
and Exacting

Proactive Investments in Infrastructure and Buildings

With more than USD $4.0B+ in institutional capital available for data center development, EdgeCore proactively invests in high-performance hyperscale and wholesale data center solutions on scalable campuses in key North American and European data center markets. With existing land and data center capacity of more than 470 IT MW, EdgeCore acts as an extension of customer supply chains by enabling them to grow quickly and innovate.

Efficient and Versatile Data Center Design

Designed with key customer performance specifications and needs in mind, EdgeCore's data centers are sustainable, efficient, and reliable. Because our customers are always innovating, EdgeCore's technical design team works tirelessly to continuously improve and offer best-in-class solutions.

Committed to Meeting Customer Needs Without Compromise

EdgeCore’s core business embodies the purest form of customer-driven ethos – we operate data centers transparently and with a fanatical focus on exceeding customer expectations. Our 24 X 7 on-site facility and security teams work tirelessly to maintain data center efficiency, reliability, and security.


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